Meet the Leader Credit Card.

You probably know the Leader stores. She is a large departmental network in the country, remembered mainly for the Christmas jingle “It’s Christmas at Leader, it’s time!”. With thematic music and low prices, it has won over the years a range of customers interested in clothes and home, table and bath products. It is therefore not difficult to understand the store’s need to offer its customer exclusive terms and more interesting payment terms. It was with this idea that came the Leader Credit Card.

The Leader Stores

The Leader Stores

Leader retail stores were born in 1951, when the venture’s partners opened a bazaar. Over the years, they have invested in offering low prices and differentiated service. As a result, the network has grown and is already in 9 Brazilian states.

The products sold are diverse. There are baby, children’s, children’s, women’s, men’s, fashion, shoes, accessories, bags, toys, bed, table and bath. Housewares are also available on the net as well as mobile.

Leader stores are available in eight states of Brazil and offer clothing, bedding, bath and table products and more.

The Leader Credit Card

The Leader Credit Card

Those who use the Leader credit card get 10% off their first purchase at a network store. Another advantage available to consumers is the payment period, which is up to 40 days. In addition, the Leader customer may request two additional cards, for his or her dependent or family member.

At the time of purchase, you can also request the installment payment. To pay the monthly bill, the consumer only has to go to a physical store and pay off the outstanding debt.

Leader purchases can be made at all physical stores in Brazil. The individual can also purchase with their credit card products through the store website. The purchase address  and on the portal the consumer can access and view the most diverse alternatives of the company’s catalog.

What are the advantages of the feature?

What are the advantages of the feature?

Still working as a common resource, the Leader credit card gives the customer the ability to withdraw funds. In this case, the withdrawal of values ​​is perceived as a loan requested to Lanvescom, and therefore carries the interest rate.

When applying for a store card, the individual can decide with the company the limit of the card. The amount determined will be as much as possible to spend per month. If the client exceeds the stipulated amount, he / she must pay interest related to the Emergency Credit Assessment, ie, the amount spent more.

If so, the consumer may consider raising the credit limit. This way, he will not be subject to other fees if the expense is higher in the month.

To apply for a Leader credit card, you can go to the nearest store and apply for the advantage. To do this, remember to bring an official photo ID, social security number and proof of income and residence.

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