Loans for holidays

Holiday travel is a fantastic break from everyday life, and we all need it every once in a while. To travel away, to experience something new and to come home with renewed energy.

Sometimes it is enough to have an extended weekend and shorter excursions, but they usually do not help for that long at a time. You typically need a longer vacation to “unplug” and really rest.

Unfortunately, financing a longer trip is not always that easy – sometimes you need a vacation loan.

Funding for a longer vacation is not always easy, so you may typically need to borrow money for your trip. With a travel loan, you suddenly have the opportunity to make your dreams come true – just when you need it.

Holiday Loans – When Is It Smart To Take One?


If this is not the first time you are going on a longer holiday, you already know that the prices of air fares and stays fluctuate a lot during the year. The longer you wait to book your trip, the more expensive it typically becomes.

If you want to go on holiday at reasonable prices, you should book your stay well in advance. Time rarely overlaps with the time you get your vacation money paid. Therefore, you can sometimes advantageously choose to take advantage of other solutions – for example, by taking a loan for your trip.

If you are in that situation, Good Finance has the perfect solution for you – an attractive holiday loan

Loan for your trip and buy it well in advance so you can start looking forward to today. With a holiday loan from Good Finance you can boost your vacation budget here and now and book your trip while prices are still low.

How does a Good Finance holiday loan work?


A holiday loan from Good Finance is both quick, easy and effective. You can apply in 2 minutes and get the money in your account right away via instant payment. In addition, Good Finance’s annuity loan gives you a lot of options for flexible repayment.

With our holiday loan you can:

  • Postpone your repayments and extend the term
  • Pay extra at no extra cost
  • Shorten the term of the loan and save interest
  • Redeem your loan whenever you want – at no cost

By taking a travel loan you can experience the freedom to decide for yourself! As soon as you have booked your holiday, you can start to relax because the most important thing has fallen into place.

Holiday loan repayment – get more money for your trip!

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When it comes to repaying your holiday loan with Good Finance, you can have complete peace of mind. We have made it as flexible for you as possible.

In addition, you can freely choose to use our interest-free function. This way, you can actually defer your installment if you still haven’t been paid your vacation money. You can choose to defer your repayment for up to 1 year, as long as you just pay the monthly interest on your loan.

However, we recommend that you pay off your holiday loan as soon as you can. Our loans are not meant to last for several years and you will probably benefit more from spending more money on your holiday trip than on interest payments. After all, it’s a lot more fun!

Good Finance is there just to make life more fun for you. Are you ready to borrow and book your holiday trip? Let’s get started!

Travel Ready? Why wait?

The sun’s warmth, turquoise blue water and cold drinks … Can you see it for yourself? Why wait? Good Finance can help you get away on holiday. With us you can borrow between USD 5,000 – 25,000 USD and divide the payment into small chunks.

We pay the money right away – no matter when you apply!