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Non-bank loans, called payday loans, are gaining in popularity year by year. Nothing unusual. Easy and quick cash tempts millions of people. Unfortunately, repayment is not always as easy as getting finance.

With several loans, the monthly installment is too high, and many people pay one payday loan with the other, falling into a vortex of debt. How do you get out of the payday loans loop and pay off all your obligations?

Need help to combine payday loans into one?

Borrowing several loans may result in your monthly income being insufficient to cover your liabilities. This results in falling into a spiral of debts. The worst solution is to take another loan to pay back the previous one. How do you get out of the payday loans loop so that you don’t get into more debt?

First, analyze your income and expenses. Write down your income on the card, and then make a list of all your obligations to loan companies and daily expenses. Then think about where you can look for savings. Once you know how much you can save per month, plan your activities.

Can you pay your payday loans? Maybe your family will help you? You can also think about using the site for a payday loan consolidation.

How to avoid a spiral of debt?

Granting financing by loan companies is comfortable and definitely easier than taking a loan from a bank. Minimal formalities and a quick decision mean that borrowers are increasingly choosing products offered by loan companies, thus giving up a bank loan.

Unfortunately, too simple requirements mean that many people choose them too hastily, without thinking and analyzing their income and expenses. If you take several, the value of your commitments may exceed your repayment options and be more than your income.

Debtors start paying back one payday loan, taking the other, thus creating debt loops. It has a very negative impact on every aspect of the debtor’s life. How to avoid a spiral of debt? Primarily:

  • do not take a payday loan to pay off the previous one,
  • avoid payday loans without BIK,
  • Don’t take loans that you can’t pay back
  • do not take out loans with too short repayment terms,
  • don’t finance your daily expenses with payday loans, don’t accumulate too much.

Also, always consider taking out the loan and your income exactly. Set the maximum amount you can spend on monthly installments.

Where to look for help with the debt spiral?

Exiting the payday loans loop is a lengthy and difficult process for the debtor. In this situation, it is worth using the help:

  • Families – Talk to your family about your debt. Ask if they can lend you money.
  • Financial advisor – An independent financial advisor analyzes all your income and expenses, looking for a place for savings. It shows how to exit the payday loans loop without having to take another loan.
Personal loan without credit check: is it possible whatever your Thu, 16 Jan 2020 21:36:05 +0000 Read More

People with a bad credit rating or who have recently had a bad payment or a late repayment are systematically refused when they ask for a personal loan in a banking establishment.
For these borrowers, however, there is a solution: personal loan without credit check. But is this type of loan granted regardless of the client’s situation?

An alternative to conventional personal loans

personal loans

A small spread is enough to be refused a personal loan in a banking institution: a late repayment, an overpayment or a slightly fair credit score are enough to prevent a borrower from obtaining a loan. Not to mention that fragile health can also compromise its achievement. However, the economic situation is difficult and no one is immune to a banking incident. Building a good credit rating is also a long and complicated thing: you must constantly pay card bills on time, use them below the limits, do not accumulate debts and always pay back on time.

A loan possible for a majority of customers

A loan possible for a majority of customers

The criteria used by private lenders to grant or deny a personal loan without a credit check are different from those of traditional banks. Indeed, for private lenders:

  • Bad credit does not affect loan eligibility without investigation: private lenders know that bad credit can be the result of temporary trouble, excessive use of credit cards, or whatever. simply an excessive number of loan applications.

  • A bad payment or a late payment does not lead to a refusal: an isolated incident can happen to everyone and preventing a borrower from accessing a loan that he is able to repay can seem excessive.

  • Income paid by check or cash does not systematically lead to a refusal of the file. While some lenders require payment of income by direct deposit, many organizations review each case on a case-by-case basis.

  • A loan request from a student, CSST beneficiary, a retiree or a self-employed worker is not automatically refused by all lenders. Some of them do an in-depth study which, if it proves conclusive, leads to a loan agreement.

  • Moderate income does not obstruct obtaining a loan without investigation: as soon as the borrower has an income of $ 1,200 or more, he can obtain a loan the amount of which depends on his other commitments and his repayment capacity.

Limited refusal criteria for loans without investigation

Limited refusal criteria for loans without investigation

Private lenders sometimes refuse loan records without investigation, but only when the borrower is clearly unable to repay the loan they wish to take out or cannot justify a healthy financial situation. This is particularly the case when the bank statements show that:

  • borrower receives less than $ 1,200 per month
  • he accumulates the payments without provisions
  • he is already repaying one or more loans without investigation
  • its repayment capacity is used in full

Obtaining a loan without inquiry is possible for the majority of people. And as the study that the lender does generally relates to the situation of the last two months, it can change very quickly and there is nothing to prevent making a new request after a few weeks. If the lender finds that there are no more bad payments or that the loans without investigation are cleared, it is very likely that this time, it will grant a loan.

Learn how to include a good financial education in your family – Bank Debt Mon, 06 Jan 2020 22:17:18 +0000 Read More

Rising unemployment and falling incomes are among the leading causes of default in Brazil, but they are not the only ones. Lack of financial education is also a major factor in household indebtedness.

In August 2019, for example, the number of households with debt represented 64.8%, according to the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC). On the list of major debts are credit card, booklet and car and home financing .

Apart from debts, the number of delinquents, which are those with overdue accounts, continues to rise. The later bills are the basic ones, like water and light .

When this happens, it is a sign of something that is not doing well in the financial education of families. Let’s understand how it is possible to improve.

Find out where family money is being spent


In everyday life, we often buy products on impulse that seem irrelevant in the budget. However, these small purchases represent a significant value at the end of the month. Therefore it is important that all expenses are accounted for .

Rent, water bills, electricity, internet, telephone, grocery shopping and even the ice cream that your child asks for on the street should also be noted. Excel spreadsheets help, but if they look too complicated for you, be aware that there are applications that help with this control.

It’s not a neurotic thing. Jotting down expenses lets you understand where you spend most and how you can save.

All members must participate in financial education.

All members must participate in financial education.

From the child to the elderly, everyone must be integrated. Therefore, call the family for a conversation and together talk about dreams and future goals. If the older child wants to go to college, for example, it is natural for the savings to start now.

A reserve fund for emergency and future expenses is ideal. There is only one caveat: no saving what’s left at the end of the month, because that’s a way to fool yourself . Then propose to members monthly savings goals.

If the household income is fixed, organize a sum that everyone can save. If income varies, monthly savings percentages may be established.

Treat this amount or percentage as if it were a portion of a bank debt. It is this commitment that really helps the family save money.

Review which area you can cut spending on

Gym, manicure and pedicure in the salon, food outside the home and baths in pet shops are expenses that are not always used with due moderation.

It is normal for families to pay gym memberships, for example, and attend only twice a week. So, how about running in the park, on the street or even changing the gym’s monthly fee for a specific sport?

Research which options are most popular in your neighborhood. Some municipalities offer public gyms.

As for other expenses, see how they can decrease. Nailing at home, preparing meals in advance so you don’t have to eat out, bathing pets in the tank or even showering are all ways to save money . Trading products instead of buying also helps.

If everyone is participating in financial education , performing these activities becomes more fun. Cooking with children can be a different and approaching experience.

Loans with Account – cheap, fast and secure Mon, 06 Jan 2020 21:51:17 +0000 Read More

Have you sometimes thought about how much freedom we got when Account No. came about? Think once – you don’t even have to get up from the couch to get started.

For example, registering a new address, paying bills, contacting SKAT or taking out cheap loans with Account No.. You do not have to remember a lot of PINs for the different places you need to access the web. You don’t have to call them or show up. Last but not least, Account No. is your safe shortcut to everything most important – including cheap loans with Account No..

Easier, easier, easiest ID – 3 ways to get cheap loans with Account No.


When it comes to borrowing with Account No., it can all be done easily and quickly – in 3 ways. You have probably tried the small, unfoldable key card with many codes. It’s easy, but you have to look for a number among 150 codes if you want to take out a loan with Account No., for example.

Another option is a code generator or key viewer, as Account No. calls it. There, you’ll see exactly the code you need – isn’t that easier? If you need to borrow cheap loans with Account No., a code generator will save a lot of time for you.

Last but not least, you have a Account No. app. Of course, it depends on your smartphone battery and the Internet connection. On the other hand, your smartphone is most likely what you will never forget at home. NemmestID! If you need to take out a loan with Account No., you can do it all from your smartphone.

Online security for cheap loans with Account No.

When you find your cheap loan online and want to apply, you will be asked to sign in with your Account No.. This will enter at least 2 codes: a master code you created yourself, and a key code from your key card.

The dual system makes it difficult for strangers to take out cheap loans with Account No. in your name, without even having your key card.

When you take out cheap loans with Account No. online, you are actually further asked to enter your master code twice.

For cheap loans with Account No., the code also acts as your digital signature. You must therefore use it both to apply and to confirm your loan agreement.

Cheap loans with Account No. usually have an easy application process that you can get through quickly.

You enter the loan amount and period in a loan calculator, fill in some information and submit an application for the cheap loan with Account No.. If you are approved, you must confirm the loan agreement with your Account No. again. Then it’s fixed.

Cheap loans with Account No. with Sean Cole


Sean Cole offers some of the most user-friendly, responsible and cheap loans with Account No. available online. When you borrow with Account No. with us, you will encounter no hidden fees and your loan will not be more expensive when you manage it.

If you take a cheap loan with Account No. with Sean Cole, you can log in to your profile and manage your loan from there. You actually get many flexible repayment options that you can take advantage of in just a few clicks.

Decide on your Sean Cole loan yourself:

Increase your loan amount if it is below 25,000

  • Postpone the repayments and extend the term of your cheap loan with Account No.
  • Make extra payments at no extra cost
  • Shorten the loan term and save interest
  • Redeem your loan whenever you want – for free

The good thing about a loan with Account No. from Sean Cole is that it becomes easy to manage your loan. Sean Cole is user-friendly and the other loan providers may not offer it.

Why wait?

Do you also prefer to be safe when borrowing money online? At Sean Cole you can borrow easily and securely with your Account No., so why wait?
You can borrow between 5,000 USD – 25,000 USD, – We pay right away – no matter when you apply!

Roof renovation loan – compare now and save Sat, 04 Jan 2020 22:33:24 +0000 Read More

Over time, weather damage occurs just as external influences can damage parts of the roof. Remediation costs are extremely expensive, and a loan makes financing easier.

As a homeowner, maintaining your own property involves numerous costs. It is not uncommon that a roof renovation can cost up to 10,000 USD and more. If your own savings are not sufficient, then an installment loan comes into question. A building loan is also possible, whereby loan amounts for financing measures for building a house are designed for a fixed minimum amount. Therefore, a building loan is only required for major renovation work. In addition, any construction finance requires that a land charge is entered. Therefore, working with an installment loan, especially an immediate loan for roof renovation, is faster and, above all, more straightforward.

Why an instant loan?

Why an instant loan?

Taking out an instant loan is easy and straightforward. The only requirement is proof of income and proof of your own employment. After this has been checked, the complete sum is made available. With an instant loan, this procedure usually does not take longer than two working days. If the sum is larger, it makes sense to take out additional residual debt insurance. The borrower can choose between the variable and the fixed interest rate. The variable interest rate will change continuously and adjust to the key interest rate of the Cream bank, whereby a fixed interest rate is fixed for a longer period. As a borrower, it makes sense to work with a fixed interest rate, especially if it is a small sum of money. The risk of an interest rate hike does not exclude an extension of the loan term. Therefore, you should pay attention to a fixed interest rate in advance.

The comparison: simple, clear and fast

The comparison: simple, clear and fast

If a consumer were to examine all providers for their services in order to find a tariff, then several months would be a minimum requirement. Every provider would have to be asked what individual tariffs look like, how high the interest rate is and which installment payments can be used. Such a procedure can be compared within a few seconds. Based on software that updates the latest tariffs, consumers can find suitable tariffs more quickly. These advantages are particularly important if a loan is needed within a few working days.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.

Loans for holidays Mon, 23 Dec 2019 21:46:35 +0000 Read More

Holiday travel is a fantastic break from everyday life, and we all need it every once in a while. To travel away, to experience something new and to come home with renewed energy.

Sometimes it is enough to have an extended weekend and shorter excursions, but they usually do not help for that long at a time. You typically need a longer vacation to “unplug” and really rest.

Unfortunately, financing a longer trip is not always that easy – sometimes you need a vacation loan.

Funding for a longer vacation is not always easy, so you may typically need to borrow money for your trip. With a travel loan, you suddenly have the opportunity to make your dreams come true – just when you need it.

Holiday Loans – When Is It Smart To Take One?


If this is not the first time you are going on a longer holiday, you already know that the prices of air fares and stays fluctuate a lot during the year. The longer you wait to book your trip, the more expensive it typically becomes.

If you want to go on holiday at reasonable prices, you should book your stay well in advance. Time rarely overlaps with the time you get your vacation money paid. Therefore, you can sometimes advantageously choose to take advantage of other solutions – for example, by taking a loan for your trip.

If you are in that situation, Good Finance has the perfect solution for you – an attractive holiday loan

Loan for your trip and buy it well in advance so you can start looking forward to today. With a holiday loan from Good Finance you can boost your vacation budget here and now and book your trip while prices are still low.

How does a Good Finance holiday loan work?


A holiday loan from Good Finance is both quick, easy and effective. You can apply in 2 minutes and get the money in your account right away via instant payment. In addition, Good Finance’s annuity loan gives you a lot of options for flexible repayment.

With our holiday loan you can:

  • Postpone your repayments and extend the term
  • Pay extra at no extra cost
  • Shorten the term of the loan and save interest
  • Redeem your loan whenever you want – at no cost

By taking a travel loan you can experience the freedom to decide for yourself! As soon as you have booked your holiday, you can start to relax because the most important thing has fallen into place.

Holiday loan repayment – get more money for your trip!

Group Of Young People Hiking In Countryside

When it comes to repaying your holiday loan with Good Finance, you can have complete peace of mind. We have made it as flexible for you as possible.

In addition, you can freely choose to use our interest-free function. This way, you can actually defer your installment if you still haven’t been paid your vacation money. You can choose to defer your repayment for up to 1 year, as long as you just pay the monthly interest on your loan.

However, we recommend that you pay off your holiday loan as soon as you can. Our loans are not meant to last for several years and you will probably benefit more from spending more money on your holiday trip than on interest payments. After all, it’s a lot more fun!

Good Finance is there just to make life more fun for you. Are you ready to borrow and book your holiday trip? Let’s get started!

Travel Ready? Why wait?

The sun’s warmth, turquoise blue water and cold drinks … Can you see it for yourself? Why wait? Good Finance can help you get away on holiday. With us you can borrow between USD 5,000 – 25,000 USD and divide the payment into small chunks.

We pay the money right away – no matter when you apply!

Overpayment on a loan Fri, 20 Dec 2019 21:53:59 +0000 Read More

The capabilities of today’s financial institutions are simply astounding! Today at any the moment you can apply for a loan, and there are even microfinance organizations that do this online. That is, you just need to leave an application with your contact information on the site and then the money will go to your card.

It is very convenient, helps in difficult financial situations when urgently needed money. But not to aggravate the financial situation, it is worth calculating in advance credit overpayment. What is it and how is it calculated?

Each institution, whether bank or MFI, offers loans to them make money. Here’s the answer to where credit overpayments arise. This is the amount you pay for using the service.

How to calculate an overpayment on a loan

How to calculate an overpayment on a loan

There is nothing wrong with overpaying when it comes to adequate amounts. A lot is better to pay a little more when the financial situation is better than not to solve your problems. How to calculate loan overpayment? For this you suchinformation will be required:

  1.  loan amount;
  2.  rate;
  3.  the term for which you want to take a loan;
  4.  type of payment (annuity or differentiated).

This information is specified in the contract and in terms of credit. The type of payments in most cases is an annuity. This means that you pay the same amount every month for the duration of the contract the amount to which interest has already been added for using the service. The monthly payment should be made to a certain number and ensure that there is no delay.

Also on the sites of many banks and MFIs is usually presented a calculator in which credit overpayments can be calculated. It already has a formula and you do not need to make the calculations yourself. It is best to do it in advance, then not to face an unpleasant surprise.

Avoiding Credit Overpayments

Avoiding Credit Overpayments

The borrower, when taking out a loan, must study all the terms in advance. In different banks and
The MFI interest rate is different, so it is possible to find the right terms for you. This will help you avoid a large overpayment. Or vice versa, concluding a contract with MFIs, you will pay more, but you will not queue, collect documents and help, pledge. Here everyone decides what is more convenient for him.

It is almost impossible to avoid overpayment because in this case the very essence of the loan is lost. But microfinance organizations have offers, when the interest rate is the lowest possible, such as 0.01%. An overpayment in this case, it is almost not felt. The main thing is to pay off the debt on time.

Meet the Leader Credit Card. Fri, 06 Dec 2019 21:54:09 +0000 Read More

You probably know the Leader stores. She is a large departmental network in the country, remembered mainly for the Christmas jingle “It’s Christmas at Leader, it’s time!”. With thematic music and low prices, it has won over the years a range of customers interested in clothes and home, table and bath products. It is therefore not difficult to understand the store’s need to offer its customer exclusive terms and more interesting payment terms. It was with this idea that came the Leader Credit Card.

The Leader Stores

The Leader Stores

Leader retail stores were born in 1951, when the venture’s partners opened a bazaar. Over the years, they have invested in offering low prices and differentiated service. As a result, the network has grown and is already in 9 Brazilian states.

The products sold are diverse. There are baby, children’s, children’s, women’s, men’s, fashion, shoes, accessories, bags, toys, bed, table and bath. Housewares are also available on the net as well as mobile.

Leader stores are available in eight states of Brazil and offer clothing, bedding, bath and table products and more.

The Leader Credit Card

The Leader Credit Card

Those who use the Leader credit card get 10% off their first purchase at a network store. Another advantage available to consumers is the payment period, which is up to 40 days. In addition, the Leader customer may request two additional cards, for his or her dependent or family member.

At the time of purchase, you can also request the installment payment. To pay the monthly bill, the consumer only has to go to a physical store and pay off the outstanding debt.

Leader purchases can be made at all physical stores in Brazil. The individual can also purchase with their credit card products through the store website. The purchase address  and on the portal the consumer can access and view the most diverse alternatives of the company’s catalog.

What are the advantages of the feature?

What are the advantages of the feature?

Still working as a common resource, the Leader credit card gives the customer the ability to withdraw funds. In this case, the withdrawal of values ​​is perceived as a loan requested to Lanvescom, and therefore carries the interest rate.

When applying for a store card, the individual can decide with the company the limit of the card. The amount determined will be as much as possible to spend per month. If the client exceeds the stipulated amount, he / she must pay interest related to the Emergency Credit Assessment, ie, the amount spent more.

If so, the consumer may consider raising the credit limit. This way, he will not be subject to other fees if the expense is higher in the month.

To apply for a Leader credit card, you can go to the nearest store and apply for the advantage. To do this, remember to bring an official photo ID, social security number and proof of income and residence.

Bank loans. On what terms? Thu, 21 Nov 2019 21:59:30 +0000 Read More

Banks are institutions that have gained immense popularity. For some time they did not enjoy a good reputation, but currently, due to large companies that care about reputation, the way of thinking about them is changing.

For many people this is the only solution. Especially if our name was placed in the National Register of Debtors (KRD) or in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), the possibilities that we have in terms of obtaining additional funds have been significantly reduced. In this situation, it will be easiest for us to get a loan from the Bank.

A simple loan on a transparent basis?

A simple loan on a transparent basis?

Both banks and non-bank institutions have been focusing on the simplicity of offers for several years. The idea is that the customer should not be overwhelmed by bank formulas and terms that are really difficult to understand. The same is true for Bank loans, here also simplicity was focused.

Let’s start with who can apply for such a loan. First of all, it must be an adult, although some companies have raised the age threshold to 20 or 21 years old.

Another criterion is having citizenship and a bank account. This is to check the customer’s credibility. Sometimes Banks ask for a certificate of employment, earnings or other evidence of income. Some of them also check our status in KRD, BIG (Economic Information Bureau) or BIK. Don’t be afraid, our presence in these registers does not automatically reject the loan application. It will be harder but not impossible.

To decide or not?

To decide or not?

Bank loans can be incredibly helpful, but we should remember a few important things. First of all, let’s always choose companies that are widely recognized. In the first place let’s put the so-called “power cables”, which usually have a good reputation.

Secondly, remember that loans from Banks are not cheap and in exchange for quick and uncomplicated settlement of the case their interest rate is high.

First of all, let’s always find out what the real cost of the loan is and remember about timely repayment of installments. If we follow the advice mentioned above, everything should be fine.

Understand how the pre-approved personal credit limit works Tue, 29 Oct 2019 21:33:25 +0000 Read More

Pre-approved personal credit limit is a type of loan offered by banks, credit unions and financial institutions to their clients. This type of credit is increasingly widespread. In the meantime, you might want to know her a bit more before you know if it really is the best fit for your needs. Want to know more? 

How does the personal loan limit work?

How does the personal loan limit work?

Unlike a regular loan, the pre-approved personal credit limit allows the customer to pay interest only from the use of cash.

Banks hardly refuse to grant pre-approved personal credit, even though it is not required. The amounts granted may also vary according to the criteria of each institution. Typically, factors such as income, Serasa score, current information, age, occupation, and other critical information are considered.

This way, the customer may have a certain loan approval in one institution and a denied order in another, for example.

Attention to interest

The pre-approved personal credit limit also involves some peculiarities that deserve attention.

If your name is negative, for example, the loan may even be approved. However, interest will naturally have a higher rate. And even for those who don’t have the dirty name on the square, you need to look at the Total Effective Cost (CET) of the loan, which is the charges to be paid to get the money.

Similarly, the better the customer profile (good score, clean name, updated information), the better the chances of getting a good rate and a good pre-approved loan limit.

Other tips

Obviously, every type of credit requires change. It would be no different regarding the use of the pre-approved personal credit limit.

First, consider whether your income is sufficient to cover the value of the installments in the future.

Also keep in mind that the credit limit must be used strategically. If your intention is to buy a property that can be paid in installments, for example, using the limit is not the best option. After all, the interest will be higher on this type of credit.

However, if your intention is to borrow to pay off higher interest debts, such as credit card and overdraft revolving loans, the credit limit is an alternative to consider.

Before applying for a loan

Before applying for a loan

Nonetheless, every caution is little about the financial institution from which you will borrow. Make sure the company is trustworthy, which has become simple to check through on the internet reviews.

Last but not least, it is critical to know your own credit limit. After all, this type of credit, just like any other, needs to be paid off at some point. And as you postpone this payment, interest increases and debt becomes a snowball.